5 Interactive Elementary Math Websites for Teachers

The following online Math resources for grades K-5 have been provided by Federal and state government agencies as well as by publishers of educational software. The majority of interactive online activities are traditional in presentation. Some of those at the higher elementary grade levels invite scientific thinking and exploration. Adding a level of online activities to supplement elementary math education can be an excellent way to enhance elementary math learning.

The five main interactive elementary math websites included here are:

  1. internet4classrooms.com
  2. eduplace.com
  3. nces.ed.gov
  4. free.ed.gov
  5. The Center School District.

Here’s a look at math-specific topics by grade on these sites and a few more.

Grades K-1

ABCYA Educational Games produces free interactive educational math games for elementary school children.

Counting Fish is a counting game for kindergarten students and first graders. It is colorful and fun giving many spoken hints that match written hints. Children click on the number that corresponds to the number of swimming fish they count. This early learning activity employs a hint system to reinforce learning of number values. There are 3 levels of difficulty and students must score at least 70 to move up to the next level.

Marble Math is a beginning math game that helps students with beginning addition by allowing them to arrive at the correct answer by counting.

Simple Fractions Students can practice interactively with word problem representation and receive immediate feedback once an answer is entered. They must be able to read to perform this activity.

Grade 2

IXL has numerous interactive grade 2 mathematics activities in the following areas: Counting and number patterns, Comparing and ordering, Names of Numbers, Patterns, One digit addition, One digit subtraction, Two digit addition, Two digit subtraction, Three digit addition, Three digit subtraction, Properties, Mixed Operations, Placed Values, Estimating and Rounding, Logical Reasoning, Probability and Statistics, Multiplication and Division.

When you enter an incorrect answer, you receive an explanation on how to do the problem correctly.

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TeachingTime UK has a timed quiz matching analog and digital times. The Center School District lists this and many more second grade online interactive math resources.

Grade 3

Free Federal Resources 3-12 offers a collection of online math resources provided free of charge by the Federal Government.

Internet4classrooms offers interactive 3rd grade skill builders in the following subject areas:

  • Mathematical Processes: Rounding and Estimating, Telling Time, Word Problems, Money
  • Numbers and Operations: Addition, Fractions, Multiplication, Place Value, Subtraction

Grade 4

internet4classrooms provides 4th grade skill development in:

  • Mathematical Processes: Estimating, Money, Time, Roman Numerals, Word Problems
  • Arithmetic Operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
  • Fractions, Multiple Operations, Number Relations and Place Value
  • Geometry and Measurement, Coordinate Planes
  • Shapes and Angles, Measurement of Area and Perimeter
  • Temperature

Grade 5

The National Center for Educational Statistics has an excellent toolbox for creating online graphs. It is user friendly and allows students to try things out. There is no penalty for experimentation. The interactive 3D graph plotter accepts equations in 2 unknowns and displays them in brilliant colors.

Eduplace provides interactive test preparation for students in the 5th grade. Comprehensive 5th grade topics can be accessed in depth from internet4classrooms.com 5th grade. Subject areas include:

  • Mathematical Processes
  • Number & Operations
  • Algebra, Geometry and Measurement
  • Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability


Online resources give students the opportunity to explore math on their own and to try things out without fear of failure. It’s also important to give students multiple approaches to learning. All of the resources mentioned are either free or inexpensive and can help teachers and parents contribute to a robust math education for students.

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