Where to Find Free, Downloadable 10th Grade Math Lesson Plans

Classroom Resources Updated July 10, 2015

Lesson planning can be one of the more challenging aspects of teaching, and coming up with 10th grade math lesson plans is no exception. Creating a variety of lesson plans that fit various situations, and still address all the core information necessary to meet state requirements presents a unique challenge for any teacher.

Fortunately, the situation faced by teachers is not quite the same as it once was. Thanks to the Internet, there are many free and low-cost lesson plan resources available to teachers.

Each teacher faces a unique situation, and it is a matter of individual choice which lesson plans are appropriate for a teacher’s class. However, there should be no issue with finding a variety of options from which to choose.

Free math lessons

What follows is a variety of resources where math teachers can find free downloadable lesson plans. Most should be appropriate for 10th grade classes, although with the plethora of options it is possible that a plan might be more appropriate for lower or higher grades.

Math teachers should find the following resources helpful in discovering new lesson plans for their classrooms.

Lesson plan resources:

  • A to Z Teacher Stuff: This site has six high school-level lesson plans for mathematics, including plans for Order of Operations, Solving for X and Using Equations to Solve Puzzles. Visit the site.
  • Math Worksheets 4 Kids: This site provides free math worksheets from grades kindergarten to 12th grade. The worksheets are separated by different grade levels as well as by topic for easy locating. Visit the site.
  • Math Forum: This site has 41 high school-level math lesson plans, including 3-D Drawing and Geometry, Euclid’s Geometry: History and Practice and Untangling the Mathematics of Knots. Visit the site.
  • K 12 Academics: This site has several 10th grade math lesson plans, including Scientific Notation and Transformations. Visit the site.
  • PBS: This site offers four different films with lesson plans for 9th and 10th grade students. Only one is strictly mathematics-based, but the others also involve mathematics, and offer opportunities to change things up a bit. Visit the site.
  • IRS: In its Understanding Taxes series, the Internal Revenue Service offers teachers the opportunity to explain the system of taxation to high schools students. Perhaps not the most exciting topic, but useful nonetheless. The site has a section for both students and teachers. Visit the site.
  • Share My Lesson: This site was created by teachers to allow teachers to share their favorite lesson plans. The high school section has at least 40 lesson plans, including Trigonometric Functions and Circle Theorems. Visit the site.
  • Discovery Education: Discovery offers seven different lesson plans for high school-level mathematics. Among the lessons are Concepts in Number Theory, Concepts in Geometry and Rational Number Concepts. Visit the site.

Plenty of variety

There are several pay sites available for teachers to search for lesson plans, but it is not necessarily required that a teacher pay money when it is possible to find so many lesson plans for free. Teachers should be able to begin with the above resources to discover a variety of lesson plans for their math classes that are quality options.

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