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  • AP Students Not OK With Oklahoma Legislator's Bill to Defund APUSH

    Posted on Mar 4, 2015 under Featured Stories
    Last October in Colorado, Jefferson County student protests brought national attention to their school board’s decision to assess the College Board’s Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH) curriculum to ensure that it would “present positive aspects of the United States and its heritage.” Conservative school boards and politicians increasingly oppose AP U.S. History curriculum Nicknamed... Read the rest
  • What the Baltimore Algebra Project Can Teach Us About Education Reform

    Posted on Feb 25, 2015 under Featured Stories
    In his 1968 book “Pedagogy of the Oppressed,” Paulo Friere addressed the complex relationship among education, race, and poverty. He identified the myriad ways traditional education systems failed to meet the needs of students of color, families living in poverty and students struggling in other ways. Friere opposed top-down directives of what was or was not... Read the rest
  • Flocabulary and the Power of Educational Hip-Hop

    Posted on Feb 18, 2015 under Featured Stories
    From the time kids are born until they’re around five, parents and educators use music and rhyme as primary teaching methods. However,”when kids get to kindergarten, the music disappears,” says Alex Rappaport, co-founder and CEO of Flocabulary. “We question this sudden departure from music-based learning,” he continues, “because music and rhyme are two of the... Read the rest


Latest in Classroom Resources

  • Six Steps to Bring Peer Review into Your Classroom

    Posted on Nov 1, 2013 under Classroom Resources
    Peer review (also known as peer editing) is a great way to help children improve their writing skills and learn to interact socially. We’ve listed some tips for educators on how to integrate peer review strategies into their learning environments that will help students communicate better and enhance the educational setting: Help students understand the... Read the rest
  • Five Free Websites for Students to Build Research Skills

    Posted on Apr 30, 2013 under Classroom Resources
    Finding free Web resources for building research skills is essential for teachers who are on a restricted budget. Teachers can use the Internet to access amazing research resources, thanks to the U.S. government. From finding lesson plans to scanning patent applications, teachers can uncover a wealth of information on history, art, science, language arts, math,... Read the rest
  • 3 Free Online Resources for Elementary Teachers

    Posted on Mar 14, 2013 under Classroom Resources
    Providing instruction to a class of students can be helped when there are free resources available to elementary teachers. The resources offer tips, advice, lessons plans and information that teachers find useful for different areas of study. By using the resources, teachers will have access to the experience of others, creative new ideas and great... Read the rest


Latest in Teaching Strategies

  • 4 Effective Learning Models for Students

    Posted on Feb 3, 2015 under Teaching Strategies
    Each student is different, and when it comes to learning styles, the ones that prove the most effective depend on who is being taught. One of the ways in which teachers can maximize the effectiveness of their time in the classroom is to rotate the types of instruction that they’re using, making sure that there... Read the rest
  • 2015 New Year's Resolutions: Concordia Online Education Students Declare Their Resolutions

    Posted on Dec 23, 2014 under Teaching Strategies
    Do you have any resolutions for the New Year? Have you written them down? Research by clinical psychologist Gail Matthews shows when you write down your goals, you are more likely to be successful. If this theory holds true, the Concordia Online Education and Concordia Ambassadors Facebook communities are well on their way to success... Read the rest
  • How to Engage Gifted and Talented Students in the Classroom

    Posted on Oct 8, 2014 under Teaching Strategies
    Giftedness is an intellectual ability significantly higher than average. The federal government defines gifted children as “those who give evidence of high achievement capability in such areas as intellectual, creative, artistic, or leadership capacity, or in specific academic fields.” However, there aren’t any national standards for identifying gifted students, and it’s usually left to states... Read the rest


Latest in Education Technology

  • ‘Geometry Pro’ App Helps Students Master the Basics

    Posted on Sep 10, 2014 under Educational Technology
    Knowing how to calculate volume, area and perimeters isn’t just reserved for mathematicians, physicists and engineers. It’s an important skill that workers use every day in dozens of professions including carpenters, surveyors, landscapers, painters and architects. And it all starts with simple geometry. Geometry has been a part of most middle and high school math... Read the rest
  • Mobile App Puts Periodic Table in Students’ Hands

    Posted on Sep 2, 2014 under Educational Technology
    For generations of chemistry students, the Periodic Table of the Elements has been a must-have tool for solving science homework problems and completing classroom tests. Scientists developed the periodic table in the late 19th century to organize elements, the basic building blocks of ordinary matter, into a cohesive document that can be studied and shared. The... Read the rest
  • C-SPAN Classroom is an Important Tool for Social Studies Teachers

    Posted on Aug 27, 2014 under Educational Technology
    Now is a great time to be a social studies or government teacher, thanks in part to a multitude of technology resources that can help educators engage students, promote classroom deliberation and develop rich K-12 lesson plans. An excellent example of those resources is the website C-SPAN Classroom, which provides high-quality, up-to-date teaching materials for... Read the rest


Latest From the Principal's Office


Latest in Leader's Link

  • District Office Leaders: Whose Schedule Runs Your Schools?

    Posted on Mar 3, 2015 under Leaders' Link
    In the 70s, the joke was that most decisions about how a school was run were based on the bus schedules and the custodial schedules. Early in my career I visited a school where the desks were bolted to the floor. This made cooperative learning difficult since the classrooms were not allotted extra (loose) chairs.... Read the rest
  • Principal as Instructional Coach: Mentoring Your AP in Leadership and Teamwork

    Posted on Feb 24, 2015 under Leaders' Link
    As a principal of a midsize elementary school, I did not have an assistant principal, and envied my colleagues at larger schools who did. Having another administrator to confide in, bounce around ideas with, and to simply share the load seemed like a wonderful leadership advantage. Maximizing opportunities for AP leadership My aim in this... Read the rest
  • Just for APs: Stealthy Interventions

    Posted on Feb 17, 2015 under Leaders' Link
    The term “stealthy intervention,” coined by researchers David Yeager and Gregory Walton, refers to informal, short-term student interventions, which, according to author Michael Fullan, “focus on students’ thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in and about school.” Assistant principals: Encourage teachers to learn about students’ interests, experiences, attitudes In my recent post on how assistant principals can... Read the rest


Latest in Students, Faculty and Alumni


Latest in Teaching Careers

  • Math Teacher Career: Job, Education and Salary Information

    Posted on Nov 24, 2014 under Teaching Careers
    Teaching mathematics is a logical choice for people who are fascinated with using numbers and symbols, functions and equations to solve real-world problems. People who are “fluent in math” and who have a passion for imparting knowledge and helping others appreciate the value of solving problems with numbers are well suited for careers as mathematics... Read the rest
  • Science Teacher Career: Job, Education and Salary Information

    Posted on Oct 15, 2014 under Teaching Careers
    Teaching science is a rewarding career for people with an aptitude and passion for the subject. Science teaching jobs can appeal to college students majoring in a science discipline, as well as to professionals who decide to switch careers later in life and teach science. Demand for teachers within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and... Read the rest
  • Teaching License Reciprocity Explained

    Posted on Oct 23, 2012 under Teaching Careers
    There are lots of reasons for transferring your teaching credentials and license from one state to another. Accompanying a spouse or domestic partner on a career move is the No. 1 reason cited by applicants seeking teaching jobs through license reciprocity, according to the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC).... Read the rest


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