Time Management for Online College Students

Studying for Your Online Degree? Follow These Time Management Tips:

Finding time to study as an adult somehow seems much more challenging than it did during college years. Why? Many adults seeking their online degree are working full time, married, have children or are involved in a variety of activities all of which are competing for their time. In order to complete your online program with success, take control of your time using the tips outlined below.

Organize Your Study Space

Nothing can be more frustrating than finally making time to study, only to not have the materials needed within your designated office space. As a busy professional, choose a work space that is not only away from any distractions within your home (spouse, children, pets), but that is fully equipped with the materials you will need to study effectively. Some of the materials to consider keeping within arm’s reach include notepads, pens and pencils, laptop/desktop, wireless connection or LAN access, highlighters and extra printer ink (you always seem to run out at the most inopportune times). Once you have chosen and organized your study space, you need to find time to actually study.

Carve Out Study Time

As a busy professional, finding time to study can be challenging. For those students who have families, the best time to study is after you have put everyone to bed. Hopefully, this will give you 1-3 hours per evening to study if needed. Alternatively, if your job offers flexible hours, use down time to study for your online degree. One of the benefits to the online program is that you can complete your studying at virtually any time, night or day that works for your schedule. The biggest thing to keep in mind is to schedule time in your weekly plan for studying to ensure it gets completed.

Limit Distractions

In today’s mobile environment, this step can be the most challenging. If your study time is limited, it is critical that you limit your distractions so that your time can be the most productive when studying for your online degree. When working at your computer, disable any instant messaging programs (Yahoo, MSN and even Facebook) so that you aren’t tempted to answer pop-ups. Turn your cell phone to silent, and better yet, put it out of reach to reduce the temptation to check for missed calls or text messages. If you have a house phone, you may want to unplug it in the room you have chosen to study in so that another member of your household can answer it.

To-Do Lists

Once you have finally managed to sit down to study, you need to prioritize the tasks that must be completed for the day to help you focus. Complete the most critical items first, working beyond that point if you have leftover time.

Degree programs that are delivered online are designed to help working professionals complete their education around their work and personal schedules. Keeping the tips above in mind will enable your study time to be the most productive.

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