Getting Started as an E-Learner

“What sculpture is to a block of marble…education is to the soul.” – Joseph Addison

Now that you’ve made the decisions to begin an online program, you are considered an  “e-learner.”  What can you expect?

As an e-learner, you’ll be able to work towards your degree online, in an environment that affords you an unparalleled combination of independence and self-improvement.

To be a successful e-learner, you must be a self-learner (able to recognize what you need to know, and where you are having issues), and you must be self-disciplined. To communicate with your instructor and with peers, you’ll use email and message boards. To get assignments, you’ll use email, Blackboard and other communication technology. Just because you are online, that doesn’t mean you’ll be working in a vacuum. You can ask questions of your classmates and your instructor – and the online benefit is that you are likely going to receive clarifying answers from more than one person.

You may feel a little unsure at first, if this is your first experience learning online. But don’t worry – your online program has been developed to support and guide you through the process.  Each project you complete, every course your finish and each grade you  earn will help boost your confidence as you see your knowledge base grow. And, of course, there will courses you enjoy more than others, but if you are excited about learning, motivated about your end results, and stay focused on your goals, you’ll glide on through like a trooper!

For the first few days, check out all that your online program entails,. Take some time to navigate through all the facets of your online courses. You may find many questions you may have are already answered – that’s one less hill to climb. For more information and support, why not participate in some of the discussion boards that will be made available to you? You can start building your community from day one.

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