About Blackboard

About Blackboard Course Management System

Blackboard Course Management System

Blackboard is the primary course delivery platform for Concordia University Online’s degree programs. You will have a single login location through which you will access all of your course materials, as well as the place where you can communicate with your instructor and your peers. We have put together some orientation videos to help you understand the online student resources that are available to you through Blackboard.

New to Blackboard?

Go to the Blackboard training page for a ‘first time user’ guide: http://bbc.cu-portland.edu†. If you still have questions, contact http://bbc.cu-portland.edu†.

24/7 Blackboard Support

Blackboard support is available 24/7 by telephone: (855) 253-1054 or by Internet:  http://d2.parature.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=8490

Threaded Discussion (Bulletin Board)

Threaded discussions, also known as bulletin boards, provide opportunities for learners to carry on “conversations” around specific topics. Threaded discussions start with a topic proposed by an instructor or student, then others respond either to the question or statement, or to another response. This tool allows for new discussions outside of class, or for the continuation of discussions started in class.

Unlike a real classroom discussion, you are not forced to respond immediately, so take a little time to reflect on the discussion prior to responding. Respond whenever suits you best — you are welcome to present ideas right away, or after several hours of thought. This deepened level of interaction can make for a much more meaningful discussion for everyone involved.

Assignment Drop Box

Your instructor will ask that you complete an assignment and “drop it” (upload the file) into the assignment drop box. This tool will allow you to upload and submit your assignments during a permitted timeframe, and will provide a date and time stamp for the file.


Some courses will include online quizzes. These quizzes will typically be open for a number of days, so you can complete them at your convenience. All assessments are open book and open note.

Blackboard Email

Email sends your messages instantaneously. If you use the “course message” tool, the email within BlackBoard is intended only for communication with the instructor and others in the course, and does not communicate outside those boundaries. The course message tool can be used to share ideas, ask questions or share documents, when attached. You’ll need to return regularly to your Blackboard site to retrieve and send email for your courses.

If you need technical help using the Blackboard software, there is also an “Email Support” tool that will send an email from your preferred email address to the tech support group.

Streaming Video (On-Demand and Live)

One of the multimedia resources available is the ability to provide audio and video streams for Concordia University Online courses. You can listen to an audio file or watch a video file without first waiting for the entire file to download. Instead, the file plays as it is streamed to you over the Internet. These files are usually pre-recorded and can be played whenever you choose to access the file (also known as “on-demand”). In most cases, live, synchronous events can be recorded and archived for future on-demand access. The specific software used for these media events can include Flash, Quicktime and Windows Media.

Online Student Course Calender

Your instructor may choose to use the course calendar tool, which is a feature of Blackboard. With the calender tool, the instructor can record key dates for classroom events and assignments, which will be added to your personal Blackboard calendar. Be sure to regularly check your course calendars.

Online Student Course Grade Book

The Blackboard Course Room allows you to follow your progress as its recorded by the instructor in the course grade book. You may also get statistical information on your performance.

Document Downloads

Sometimes, instructors will choose to make documents available to learners through Blackboard’s online education resources. If so, you’ll be directed to click on a link (either a word or image), and your computer will download the file. If you have the application on your computer, the file will open automatically. If not, you will be prompted to download the file to your computer.

Additional Help

Go to the Blackboard Knowledge Base page for more detailed tutorials and walk-throughs.


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